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I was introduced to essential oils 17 years ago, as a way to promote healing, health and vitality.  The beauty of the aromas and the energy of the plants always brought about a feeling of deep reverence for the natural world and for myself.  During my training as an aromatherapist, I was drawn to the way essential oils could provide support in a practical, objective way.  But what drew me in was how they provided a conduit to deeper layer of my being. 


How I work with essential oils

Using essential oils is both practical and sacred.  Understanding the chemistry of each oil is foundational when considering it's therapeutic benefit.  For example, the chemical component linalol, found in Lavender, is known to have sedating and anxiety relieving effects.  All citrus oils contain the component d-limonene, which is supportive to the immune system.


We can also understand essential oils from an energetic and universal level.  It's said that essential oils contain the soul essence of the plant.  Frankincense and Sandalwood are sacred oils both historically and because of how they're harvested.  When used in a blend, they help us connect to our true nature as a unique expression of the divine.  Both science and intuition guide me when creating synergies for healing and support.     

Essential oils as daily self-care

Essential oils give us a chance to slow down, breathe and notice the state

of our inner world.  They help us practice tuning in to the information that

we receive from our senses.  They can help us establish a ritual of self-care

or a moment of "me" time in our daily lives.  For me, they have helped

cultivate a deeper relationship with myself.  Giving me a time to tend to my

needs, and a tangible practice of self-love.  I look forward to helping you

connect within.  

Aromatherapy Alchemy Sessions


A typical session begins with conversation on what is up for you in the moment, what you may be feeling physically or emotionally, or something in your present experience that you're facing.  I will guide you through a short embodiment/inquiry session to help you connect to your internal and external landscapes.  Helping to bring anything that needs to be known into your conscious awareness.  The information that arises from these interactions will be my guide for the blends that I create just for you. 


Each session is approximately 60 minutes, and you'll receive 2 personalized aromatherapy synergies, as well as a recording of the embodiment practice that you can return to anytime you like. 

To book a session contact me at    




"Marika Baxter is one of the most intuitive people I know! The combination of her reading my states and her resonance with essential oils created remedies that grounded and centered me right away." 

-  D.B., Northampton, MA

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