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Healing Sessions
 integrative embodied therapy to help you heal and awaken to your true nature 

WHAT is this work?

The work I offer is a blending of techniques

to help bring healing and wholeness to all levels of

your being - spirit, mind, and body. Our time    

together holds the intention of helping you experience

internal unity, tenderly removing the barriers to

knowing and inhabiting all of yourself.


As living human beings, we've all had experiences

that can leave an impact, or imprint on our systems. 

Capital "T" and small "t" traumas, that fragment our wholeness. Whether it be physical, emotional, energetic, intergenerational, collective and so on. We may constrict or abandon parts of our physical bodies, influencing how we hold ourselves (our posture) and how we move.  The way we perceive and what we believe about ourselves is influenced.  How we relate with people and the environment is affected. And the echoes of these events from our lifetime or that of our ancestors can persist in the many dimensions of our existence.

I believe healing is a journey toward wholeness. The practices I draw from when working with clients include - intuitive energy techniques, embodiment meditation (Realization Process), IFS-informed inner child and parts work, myofascial release, restorative movement & Pilates, aromatherapy, and the myriad of information learned over 2 decades as a physical therapist. With a heart centered and trauma informed approach, we will connect to the universal healing wisdom that resides within you. So you may embody your true nature as both human and divine. And live into the wholeness, goodness and love that you always and already are.  

HOW does a session unfold?

A session typically begins with dialogue on what you're currently facing in your life. We'll take time in stillness to settle into the session and allow any feelings, beliefs, or information in the subtle energy to be felt and seen. If appropriate, we may assess any musculoskeletal components contributing to your situation. Time will be spent experiencing deep rest, inviting in loving and healing source energy through hands on or intuitive work. I may guide you through somatic meditation practices to help you embody all dimensions of your being.  Whatever arises through these processes we lovingly witness and deepen your relationship too. Gentle movement and/or essential oils may be used to support your process. Every session is unique to each client and each day.  



There is no finish line you must race toward in order to be healed and whole.  This life is an ever unfolding journey. Perhaps the idea that we're defective and need to work on ourselves in order to be good enough and healed isn't actually true. Perhaps whatever life presents us is an invitation into a deeper relationship with ourselves and the present moment.  We do this work to remember the part of us that is always whole and inherently good.  That healing and wholeness exists for you right now, just as you are.  That it is your birthright to feel whole, home and alive in your own existence.  Exploring the inner landscape of ourselves, whether it be body, mind or spirit, can be unfamiliar and scary. My aim is for you to feel safe and held in a loving and grounded container.       

I am sensitive to the fact that these concepts of wholeness and being home in ones self have varying degrees of accessibility for people, depending on their history of trauma. In their lifetime and that of their ancestors.  I continue to learn and unlearn how my identity as a hetero-cis-white-ablebodied female affects this work.  My intention is always to bring respect and humility to clients of all races, ethnicities, religions, sexual preference, gender identification and abilities.


WHO is this work for?

  • If you seek deeper healing and understanding of your physical injuries.

    • Clients often seek me out, because of my experience as a physical therapist, with curiosities about how subtle energy, emotions, or beliefs may be contributing to their musculoskeletal issues.  Together we'll explore all dimensions of your being and help you know your body as an ally in healing.  Knowing that each symptom is an entry point into a deeper exploration and cultivation of loving kindness towards yourself.   

  • If you need help to slow down, be still, and reconnect to your inner wisdom.

    • Life moves fast and we can feel there's little time and allowance to just be. Through energy healing and embodiment practices you'll step into soul time, helping you reconnect to the your inner language.

  • If you're looking for embodied support as you navigate life's challenges.

    • The wisdom of your body and spirit can often be drowned out by the challenges you face. The embodiment practices I offer can help you hear and understand what might be hidden within your sensations, thoughts and feelings.  So that you can gain clarity and healing on all dimensions.   

  • If you're ready to know yourself beyond the "shoulds" of life and live more aligned with your highest Self.​​

    • This work will support you in disentangling from the narrative and transmuting what no longer serves you.  So you can be empowered to live in alignment with your innate wisdom and fundamental nature.  

  • If you are an empath.

    • As a sensitive, empathic person, the world can often feel overwhelming.  These practices can help you fully land in your body, attuned to your boundaries and grounded in your own energy.  You no longer need to feel swayed by what's happening around you and can reclaim your empathic nature as the unique gift that it is!     




I am honored to work with you at any point on your healing journey -

whether you've never had energy work or meditated but are intrigued

or if you've been swimming in the depths of yourself for a long time. 

Or you've tried PT or Pilates already but are looking to integrate your 

physical, spiritual and emotional evolution. 

Especially as we start working together, clients often have sessions more

regularly, ie 1x/week, to build their connection to themselves and the

practices.  Over time, sessions can be less frequent, ie 1-2x/month. 

We discuss what your needs are throughout our time together to keep

you feeling supported and in alignment with what is best for you.


Sessions are offered VIRTUAL and IN-PERSON.  

  • Virtual sessions are 60 minute via zoom or skype.

  • In-person sessions are 60 minutes and are located at 85 Mill Plain Rd, Fairfield, CT within Barefoot Living Arts at the Sportsplex.

  • Please email to schedule an appointment.  

*If you have questions or would like to schedule a free, 20 minute phone/video consultation before booking, email me at



*Although I am a licensed physical therapist, this is not considered traditional physical therapy.  And although I am trained in the spiritual psychotherapy aspect of the Realization Process, this is not psychotherapy.  Our work together does not replace traditional physical therapy or psychotherapy services.  If we determine you are in need of these services, you will be referred to the appropriate practitioner.  If you have any questions please email


Marika’s Realization Process Practices came at the perfect time for me. During the “stay-at-home” time I looked forward to Sunday evening to settle down my nervous system.  Both the practice of the Realization Process and Marika’s voice took me on an inner journey.  Marika’s approach is gentle, warm and accessible. She has done the work herself and is gifted at guiding others through the process.  I highly recommend working with her.


-EL, Certified Visionary Craniosacral Work (VCSW®) practitioner, Milford, CT

Marika's offering of subtle energy work has been so beneficial to me especially during the Covid-19. Tuning in to my inner core being helps me to maintain my rhythm and true potential, letting go of blockages and old belief systems. I'm very grateful for all her work, generosity of spirit and soothing voice. Thank you Marika!

- MC, Carmel, NY

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