Embodied Meditation

An interoceptive experience
of wholeness

Starting February 2022 - stay tuned!

This class will explore various styles of somatic meditation rooted in the practices of the
Realization Process. Each class will be 30 minutes and can be done seated or lying down and is safe and restorative for all levels. Our intention is to fully land in the body through a felt sense experience. Each class offers an experiential practice in connecting to the ground of our being s
o that we can feel whole in our bodies.  As we settle into and inhabit ourselves, we can experience our fundamental nature as a dynamic stillness, unified from within and interconnected with the environment on the outside. 

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Realization Process

Embodied awareness meditation 

Every Monday 11am-11:15am EST
Donation based class - all are welcome
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December 2021 practice recordings are available on youtube.  
Click here to give one a try.

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