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Realization Process - 4 week series
May - June 2024

Embodied Meditation on zoom
6:30-7:30 pm

“It has all along been our own self that we are learning to love,

to trust, and to become.” - Judith Blackstone

The Realization Process is a system of embodied meditation practices that help deepen contact within ourselves and open to the ground of being.  Through these gentle, focused and profound practices, you’ll explore your inner landscape and experience existing internally as you.  This series will focus on grounding in and as this internal space, so you recover wholeness and rest in the foundations within.


Class will be held on zoom, four Thursdays in a row beginning 5/16, from 6:30-7:30pm.  Class will not be recorded as I'd like to honor everyone's privacy and keep it a safe space to share our experiences of the work.  If you're unable to make the live classes, I will offer recordings of the meditations we practice for everyone who registers so you can practice on your own throughout the week. 

All are welcome regardless of meditation experience.  

If you have any questions email Marika at

Click here to register.


Embodied Meditation

An interoceptive experience
of wholeness

In-Person class 
Second Wednesday each month 
Hosted by Fairfield Woods Library
Fairfield, CT

Embodied meditation is a somatic meditation practice that grounds us to feel whole in our bodies and disentangle from all that fragments us during our everyday lives.  Each month we explore a different intention to help more fully land in the body through a felt sense experience. Each class offers an experiential practice in connecting to the ground of your being so that you build your capacity to be with all of yourself.  Each session will be 60 minutes and will be done seated in a chair and is safe and restorative for all levels.

To sign up click link below

Email Marika with any questions about class at 


Check out my you tube channel for past meditations.  
Click here to give one a try.

If you have questions about class content, email me at

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