Spring Renewal for the Body and Mind

Attune with the energy of spring to Release, Reconnect and Renew

6 weeks starting Thursday March 25th


at Barefoot Living Arts in Fairfield, CT

to register call 203.955.1955

or email 

During each individual workshop throughout the six weeks, we will explore practices to refresh the connection to our self and get to know, through a tangible sense, what it feels like to be you.  Using movement and embodiment practices, we will explore the internal and external landscapes of our bodies.  We will get to know the echoes of what may be lingering in our tissues.  And through compassionate witnessing and mindful activity we will invite in new possibilities for how we relate to, embody, and express ourselves.  As this fresh space is uncovered, a renewed sense of living from our whole and authentic self can emerge.

Every week we will Practice:


  • to explore restorative and supportive movement for soft tissue, joints and posture

  • to mobilize the fascia, lymphatic flow, and energy through self-massage and sound practices

  • to experience the breath as movement and inner connection

  • to restore the free flow of movement in all our systems releasing what no longer serves us

  • to engage with the body through tenderness and reverence


  • to experience how we are as a verb, how​ it feels to be you

  • to become familiar with this felt sense of being vs an idea or belief

  • to relate to where we may not be taking up space or inhabiting the body, where we are constricted or bound


  • to discover and embrace aspects of ourselves as they arise in our bodies

  • to cultivate a relationship with Self energy - that part of us that is whole, one, unchanging and is connected to our higher wisdom

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