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Breath.  Alignment.  Stability.  Release.  As in life, these ideas surround the Pilates experience.  Through the visionary foundation of Joseph Pilates' original work, this movement philosophy focuses on the balance of strength and flexibility to improve overall vitality of life.  I view Pilates to be a practice that deepens the connection between mind and body, allowing the whole being to embody the movement being performed.  A Pilates session can help energize the body and center the mind. The supportive resistance of the equipment helps to safely move in ways you may not otherwise, improving physical strength, flexibility, body awareness and self confidence.

Private Pilates Session


During a private Pilates session we may work on the mat, Reformer and Tower, focusing on what your body needs to feel strengthened, mobile, and connected.

1 hr  |  $100

Packages are available.  Email or call to find out more.

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