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Heal & Transform

We all experience trauma and suffering as human beings.  It can be small moments or big, occur once or happen repetitively over time.  But no matter the severity, these experiences shape our beliefs, our actions and reactions, how we live in and carry our physical bodies.  It’s these interactions that form our perception of life, both the internal and external worlds. 

The journey as the teacher

During my nearly 2 decades working with clients, I heard countless stories about their lives that seemed to be interwoven with their pain.  Enmeshed in the symptoms they presented with.  Stories of sadness, fear, anger, betrayal, unworthiness. 


In my own journey, it was in knowing and honoring these parts of myself that transformed my relationship to pain, and enabled me to embody my whole being.  I’ve spent the last several years learning how our traumas are interwoven with what shows up emotionally and physically in our lives.   The ways in which personal and collective traumas affect how and what we feel.  And the ways in which we can unburden and heal these parts of ourselves.

Meeting ourselves right where we are

Bringing our unconscious, inner workings to the surface can feel daunting and scary.  The original disconnect from ourselves and our body is often out of survival.  We may have needed to disconnect because the situation or emotion was too big for us to handle at the time.  In this work, we honor the wisdom of your parts, cultivating a trusting, safe and compassionate relationship as we explore your inner landscape.    

Coming home to your Self

It is possible to return to your wholeness and reconnect with your Self.   As you disentangle from within, a renewed relationship with yourself emerges.  One where you can meet all of life from your wholeness, trusting in your intuition to care for and fulfill your needs.  While experiencing emotion, pain and discomfort come with being human, they no longer need to define who you are.  They become an invitation to be in deeper relationship with your self and this life.  Where a loving exchange with yourself is a daily and sacred practice.  A chance to become fluent in your own aliveness and to live free to embody your full and authentic self.




Although no two sessions are alike, our work together will explore:

  • INQUIRY – to meet the parts of you that arise, and work together to unburden them, unraveling the energy that has been stuck in time and in your body

  • EMBODIMENT – somatic meditation practices to meet yourself as an experience, a felt sense of what it is to be you, and to inhabit all of your aliveness with compassion and love

  • MOVEMENT – to develop a relationship with and tend to your body through movement, to help open and expand the experience of your physicality


The details:

  • Each session is 60 minutes at $150 per session.

  • Currently all sessions are virtual via zoom or similar platform.

  • Email to get in touch and book a session. 

  • These sessions are not physical therapy and do not replace traditional physical therapy or psychotherapy services. 

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Marika’s Realization Process Practice series came at the perfect time for me. During the “stay-at-home” time I looked forward to Sunday evening to settle down my nervous system.  Both the practice of the Realization Process and Marika’s voice took me on an inner journey.  Marika’s approach is gentle, warm and accessible. She has done the work herself and is gifted at guiding others through the process.  I highly recommend working with her.


-Ellen Lenson, Certified Visionary Craniosacral Work (VCSW®) practitioner, Milford, CT

Marika's offering of subtle energy work has been so beneficial to me especially during the past few months of the Covid-19. Tuning in to my inner core being helps me to maintain my rhythm and true potential, letting go of blockages and old belief systems. I'm very grateful for all her work, generosity of spirit and soothing voice. Thank you Marika!

- M.C., Carmel, NY

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