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Helping people heal and restore their body is what physical therapists intend to do.  Traditional physical therapy focuses on the scientific reasoning behind why we may feel and function the way we do.  The tests and measures we can perform, the clinical reasoning we can use to deduce where the problem is coming from, and the research tested treatments that can be employed.  I've spent many hours in continuing education courses learning these skills, and many more integrating these skills as a clinician.  However, in my own journey, as I believe to be true for others, to understand the person in front of us we need to be present on a more holistic level:  mind, body, emotion and spirit.  Having the time to be mindful with each person, during each session, is invaluable in helping and healing the whole person.  My intention when working with you is to blend science with intuition, and together address what needs to be healed. 

What might a session look like?  We may blend flowing movement on the Pilates tower and manual therapy to encourage stagnant tissues and spirit to unfurl.  Perhaps there is stress and anxiety in the system and focusing on stability work will help calm the body and mind.  Maybe there is a need to feel supported and nurtured through hands on work to be reminded that you are buoyed by the interconnectedness of life. 

Physical Therapy Session





Each physical therapy session is developed around

what needs healing and can include manual therapy,

neuromuscular re-education, movement exploration,

postural awareness, Pilates, home program development and more.

1 hr  |  $130


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