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Embodiment Meditation for the Heart - experiencing the quality of love

This is an embodiment practice or meditation from Judith Blackstone's Realization Process, which is one of the main practices I use when guiding people inside themselves to experience what if feels like to be. Often we can still be in our mind or our idea of what we should be feeling during meditation. Or feel we need to shut out our thoughts. Or that we just can't do it right. All of these things are ok! As these things arise perhaps you can relate to them as if you're opening your grip on them, loosening the need to control anything and just letting it all move through however it is in the moment. Meditation and embodiment practices are just that. They are a practice, so they take practice. On this day of (albeit commercialized) love, I made this video for you to experience inhabiting your body, your heart and the quality of love that already exists within. May you know that you are loved, that you are love.

If this does not feel good or feels unsafe for you please don't continue with the practice. Turning inwards can be triggering and bring up difficult emotions, memories and sensations. This video isn't meant to replace psychotherapeutic or medical care. I hold you all in love and may you seek out and receive the care and support you need.

Happy Valentine's Day, Marika

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